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Canine Sports Medicine

Dogs these days are spending less time lying around and more time off the leash. Activities like agility, Rally O, and dog diving are growing in popularity among canines and their companions. Of course, an active lifestyle might mean an increased chance of soft tissue and musculoskeletal injury. If your dog injures himself, we can help.


Our own Dr. Chris Bell is the only veterinarian in Manitoba who offers advanced canine sports medicine technologies for pets. A treatment like extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) uses acoustic energy directed at specific areas of an animal's body to promote tissue repair and assist in the healing of a variety of conditions. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a treatment that’s been used successfully for years in human and equine medicine and has now been introduced in the treatment of cats and dogs to promote recovery from musculoskeletal conditions caused by injury or illness (muscle tears, sprains, luxating patellas, back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and hip dysplasia).


Contact us today to find out how these cutting-edge technologies might could help make your pet live longer and feel better.

Shockwave Therapy Treatment setup

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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