Wellness Exams & Vaccinations




We like to examine most of our patients at least annually to ensure that their health and well-being is optimal. At some of these visits, it might be appropriate to vaccinate your pet for infectious diseases such as parvovirus or rabies. Decisions about vaccination can be made by you and your vet. Annual exams also serve as an opportune time for us to discuss body condition, oral health, cardiac/pulmonary status, joint health, behaviour inquiries, and much more.

Veterinarians are the ultimate generalists- we see multiple species and practice within many areas of medicine. A big part of our week is spent performing soft tissue surgeries like neuters and spays. In addition, we offer surgical management of health problems including bladder stone surgery, skin lump removal, ophthalmic procedures, surgical biopsy, splenectomy, limb amputation, and more. For more complicated orthopaedic or other surgical procedures, we invite a Board certified veterinary surgeon to work on our patients under our roof. The vast majority of common veterinary surgeries can be performed at our hospital.

Veterinary dentistry is a field that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past thirty years. Most pet owners appreciate the importance of a healthy, clean and comfortable mouth. We carry many pastes, brushes, diets and other products that help to keep pets’ mouths healthy. We offer free dental exams and estimates for dogs and cats, and perform dental prophylactic procedures most weekdays. Our advanced dental radiography equipment allows us to determine whether or not a given tooth may no longer be viable and require extraction. Talk to us today about your pet’s dental health. We’re happy to chat!