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House calls

Sometimes your pet may not feel up to coming into the clinic. That’s okay- sometimes we don’t feel like it either. We are happy to offer house call appointments for routine health concerns.

There is an additional fee for a house call exam, but this may nevertheless be a preferable choice for our more sensitive patients. Please provide us with as much notice as you can when scheduling a house call visit.

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Technologist Appointments

Technologists Appointments

There are certain procedures your pet may need done that do not require the involvement of a veterinarian. We are fortunate to have several highly-skilled and experienced veterinary health technologists on staff able to assist our clients with such things as:

•   Weight management consultation

•    Anal gland expression

•    Wound management/bandage changing

•    Nail clipping

•    Stitch/staple removal

•    Dental care and checks

•    Exotic pet husbandry and health advice 

•    Microchipping

•    Blood sampling

•    Basic behavioural advice 

•    Parasite control/application/administration

•    Mobility and Senior pet advice

•    Nutritional advice and diet recommendations 

•    Animal sexing 

•    Administration of medications or subcutaneous fluids

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