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Grant Park Pet Grooming

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Jenn Kent spent much of her illustrious career managing a busy dog daycare and grooming salon in Winnipeg. In March 2023, she joined GPAH as manager and head stylist of Grant Park Pet Grooming. 


We offer full grooms, desheds, baths, lion cuts, face trims, nail trims- whatever you need, we can accommodate!


Jenn grooms pets of all sizes and species, including dogs (from toy to giant breeds), cats, and rabbits. If you have other furry friends in need of a coiffure, Jenn is happy to chat about how she might be able to help.


Jenn also grooms animals with challenging temperaments. Sometimes that might mean sedation is required, in which case, grooming is supervised by medical personnel.


Best of all, Jenn offers WALK-IN NAIL TRIMS! Though in a perfect world we’d have a heads-up on nail trims (i.e., scheduled appointments), Jenn is pleased to accommodate walk-in pedicures five days a week between 9:30 and 5, Monday to Friday.


For more information or to schedule a grooming appointment with Jenn, please call us at (204) 477- 8600.


Grant Park Animal Hospital is a one-stop shop for all your pet care needs, and we are pleased to be able to offer essential grooming services to all our patients and friends.

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