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Covid 19 Protocols

Important COVID-19 update:


To our valued clients,


We haven’t changed the way we do things much over the past year and a half. Ninety percent of our appointments have been contactless since the fall of 2020 and you’ve all been completely cooperative and accommodating.


With the rampant spread of this new variant, we have tightened things up further, in the interest of your health and ours- half of our staff have now contracted COVID-19, which has led to protracted and very challenging work shortages at our hospital.


Our doors will be kept constantly locked for the time being. Please call us at 2044778600 when you arrive and we’ll meet you out front.


Please wear a mask when communicating with hospital staff. Even when standing outside talking to them. Please also keep a respectable distance away during interactions.


Please bring a cell phone with you to the hospital, to facilitate communication, especially with our veterinarians.


Veterinary appointments will continue to be conducted in the absence of owners, as we’ve been doing for a long while. Doctor/client interactions will take place over the phone, or when necessary, in person, outdoors, masked, and socially-distanced.


Pet owners will be permitted to attend humane euthanasia appointments in person, in the building.


Payment for services can be made over the telephone or in person, outside of the hospital. In person payments would ideally be made using cards, as opposed to cash.


We know it’s cold outside. We know you want to see our faces.


But we also don’t want our kids getting sick. Or your kids. Or you.


If it’s any consolation, you’ll be pleased to know that 100% of our patients are better behaved and more cooperative without their owners in the room. Sorry, that’s a dirty little veterinary secret- cat’s out of the bag!


Thanks for understanding.

We’ll spare you another “we’re all in this together,” and simply say, “we’re getting just as sick of this sh🐩t as you are.”




The GPAH gang

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